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Are you serious about delivering the best service or product to your customers?

Then invest in the one thing that will impact your revenue stream – your Human Assets.


DUBAI – UAE     30 and 31 MARCH 2015


In these tough economic times the employers that help new or current Employees, Supervisors and Managers, through personal improvement and skills development, to achieve their organizations sustainable goals more efficiently, will be the business that makes it in the long run.

Personal Development of Managers

Personal Development of Managers

We offer employee training for Sales & Marketing people, Supervisors and Managers.  Get the best results through training and motivating your human assets. Learn new skills for increased Sales and Excellent Customer Service.  Motivate your Supervisors by giving them the skills they need to become competent managers.  Invest in your Managing staff by sending them on fresh Management Training courses and encourage Team- Building through Personal Development.

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We offer innovative training workshops for Sales People, Marketing employees and general staff training.  We can set up Sales training, Marketing training and General Staff Training in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Dubai, London or any other major City centre in South Africa, the UAE and the U.K.

We get Sales, Marketing and Training Facilitators to give you the BEST workshop for your business.

Motivation in the Workplace

Employee Motivational Workshop

Fill your details in and we’ll have an approved and recommended Sales, Marketing and Training Facilitator specialist in your area call you right back.  They’ll call you with their best offer, exclusive to customers from this website. We know you’re serious about Sales, Marketing, Management and General Staff Training and we know we have to give a great service and product. Our results speak for themselves.  Let the the trained motivated candidates put the skills and knowledge into practice and improve your bottom line!

Upcoming 2015 Workshops –  BOOK NOW!

Improve staff performance through training

Improve staff performance through training

We’re serious about making sure you always get the best sales and marketing and employee training workshops. After all, we have to uphold our reputation as the best place to find Sales, Marketing and Training workshops online.

We conduct frequent random sales and marketing training assessments to make sure we are giving our customers the best possible training workshops.
We get your feedback and rate the Sales, Marketing and Training Facilitators and Trainers.
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